Pictures of the Puppies from Cedar and Max born October 28, 2009
Watch Them Grow!
Sharing the Fun
Cali has become the fourth girl in the Hartwig family. She shall never lack for attention in this group! Thanks for these great pictures, Kathryn!
Now Thule seems to be living the life! Which toy should she choose? It looks like the cat has warmed right up to her, too! Thanks for these great pictures, Jan.
All of the puppies took home a pink and blue rope. The ropes were made and sent from Leann Henry, owner of Sunny from last year's litter. Thanks, Leann!
Lelo spends her days playing with small children at a nursery school owned by Bev. She has learned to do amazing things already and is very calm with the children. Bev wants to put her in therapy training soon.
Below: Pictures of Mustang, Cedar's only male!
Wow! That's a big cat!
Do you think I can do it?
Watch this!!!
Cute and comfortable!
As tall as the couch already!
What a "cool" photograph! Any mail today, Mustang?
They all so love the snow!!!
Study time!
Mustang with his two best friends, the Shepard twins
Thule is Cedar's apricot girl. She is a beautiful girl! Thanks, Jan, for this beautiful pose of your Thule!
Could it be Peter Cottontail? No, it's Lelo, modeling for Easter pictures as you will find poodles so good at doing! Lelo is Cedar and Max's very dark red girl. She is a gorgeous red girl and very good with the children at Bev's preschool as you can see in the picture above! Thanks, Bev, for these adorable pictures!
This is Kaylee at almost 5 months of age. She weighs 30 pounds and is very friendly and full of energy. She goes everywhere with her owner, Tom, in his truck, car, and even on his motorcycle and snowmobile! She also runs on Tom's seven acres with a pond.
Below and to the right are new pictures of Cedar's dark red Mustang. He is up to 40 pounds in these pictures and just at 5 months of age. He is quite the hunter after rabbits and, as you can see, he has grown enough to be an even match for Tiger.
Thule is 5 months old in this picture and is retrieving her ball back to Jan. Thule is up to 32 pounds and is very friendly with the people and other animals at the veterinary office where Jan works.
Thule has also discovered water, and according to Jan, loves it just as her mother and grandmother do.
Lelo loves riding in the car, but needs her shades in the jeep! Lelo, you look like a movie star!
Thule's new warm weather hair cut
Besides posing for pictures, playing with frisbees and watching over nursery school children, Lelo appears to be learning to wash her hands! I can see there is never a dull moment for Lelo! She is also quite the studious one. Thanks for these fun pictures, Bev!
Cali is a Packers fan!
While Lelo was being the Easter Bunny in Ohio, Cali was being the Easter Bunny in Wisconsin!
Cali has also become the perfect poodle model! Fashion is her specialty! Gorgeous! You go girl! (Thanks, Kathryn, for these awsome shots!)
Lelo earns her Canine Good Citizenship Certificate at just 7 months of age. Congratulations, Bev and Lelo!
Wow! Mustang continues to grow more and more handsome!
Kaylee lives in my home town and I stop out to see her when I can. She is the same size as her mother and still growing with such a sweet and friendly disposition.
Jan sent an update on Thule's progress and wrote, "Thule graduated from intermediate level obedience class with top grades. She was perfect in all the exercises.  She lost two points for being rambunctious! I have attached her graduation picture.  She was not real cooperative about the graduation cap. Everyone loves Thule, she is so loving and so smart.  I get the nicest compliments where ever I go with her.  She is a wonderful part of my life. I am so glad I have her." Thanks, Jan, for that wonderful update.
Lelo at the park and playing princess! She is 8 months old in these pictures. Bev seems to be having lots of fun with her. Thanks, Bev.
Lelo with her best friend Bev! These four pictures are of Lelo at 10 1/2 months. She is a beautiful girl living an exciting life, that is for sure!
Bev and the children at her preschool gave Lelo a costume party for her birthday. Lelo came as one good looking dragon. She also dove into a game played with toilet paper! It looks like she had quite a fun day!
To the left and right are one year old pictures of Thule. Jan wrote, "Thule is doing wonderfully. She sends you all a hello! She has grown into a lovely and loving friend with such a great disposition.  She loves everyone and thinks all dogs and cats should be her best friends. Thule's favorite things in life are boat rides, running free on the island and playing with all her dog friends.  She gets to swim and chase squirrels on the island, too. .....I just cannot tell you how much I love my girl.  She is a constant source of fun and laughs. Thank you again for doing such a great job." (Thanks, Jan.)
Thule has grown to be the same size as her mother, at about 24.5 to 25 inches at the shoulder and weighs 48 to 49 pounds.
Kathryn sent four pictures of Cali at one year of age. She wrote, "We just had a little birthday party for Cali.  She finished her frosty paw treat, quickly.  I know I say this all the time but THANK YOU!!  She is the best dog I have ever had!  We all love her so much.  I measured her and she is 24" to top of shoulder and 47 pounds.  Her personality is the greatest.  She is like one of the kids." Thanks, Kathryn for these shots, I am so glad you are enjoying Cali. She is beautiful!  

The handsome stud in this litter - Mustang - at one year of age. Sara wrote, "Our Mustang is about 57 pounds and is about 26" to the top of the shoulders. I can not thank you enough for Mustang. He is the light in this family. My boys adore him. Every morning he jumps on their beds and licks their faces to wake them up. He is so good with them....He is also the light of the neighbor hood. He is so social; his disposition is amazing....he plays with all the dogs on our street. We have had Mustang on our boat at the lake and he loves it. He loves the water. His favorite thing is to play ball in the backyard with the twins. It is wonderful to look out the window and see the boys with Mustang.
Mustang is an incredible soul. He is smart, funny, energetic yet calm, and soooo loving. We could not have asked for anything more. He is perfect!"

Thanks, Sara, for these great pictures and update.

These are recent pictures of Thule playing in the NY state snow. Poodles love that snow!
Cali was in the 2010 Christmas parade in Wisconsin.
Being in a nursery school, Lelo has a life of taking on different characters ahead of her: Mrs. Long John Silver!
Beautiful Lelo at 20 months
She loves the children with amazing patience!
Three fun pictures of Thule on or near her second birthday, from a day at the spa to a day of fun at the lake.
Mustang at two years of age.
Thanks, Kathryn, for these beautiful pictures of Cali at a little over 2 years of age.
Tom sent these great photos of Kaylee at 2 years of age. She is shown with his other standard, Brandy. Thanks, Tom.