Pictures of Puppies From Cedar and Max born November 1, 2010
Watch them Grow!
Mera went to live with Lelo from Cedar's 2009 litter. Jack and Bev Milo are the proud owners of these two beautiful red girls. They are wonderful doggy parents and trainers, and we are so happy to have two of our puppies placed with them. Thanks for sharing these great pictures, Jack and Bev!
Sharing the Fun
Mera steals the cat's bed!
Mera has made herself at home!
Sisters and new best friends!
Deb and Phillip Ratliff shared this great shot of Ruby and her new best friend, Caroline; Two beauties posing for the camera! Thanks for sharing!
Fiona looks quite happy and relaxed in her new home with the Bengels in Pennsylvania. Jill wrote, "I just can't imagine our lives without her!" I'm sure she feels the same way. Thanks for these great pictures, Jill.
Jill says that Fiona kisses herself in the mirror! (Lord Farquad could be looking at her on the other side!)
Snug as a bug in a rug!
"Awwwwk! Wake up, Cooper!" Cooper has had no problem adjusting to his new life in warm Florida with his soft, plush bed and a feathered friend to talk to! Thanks, Don, for sharing these pictures.
Handsome Cooper: The only male in this litter.

Poodles love that snow! Deb and Phillip sent these great pictures and wonderful email update, "Ruby is a doll.  We just love her.  She and Caroline have become best friends.  She loves to go in the car and she loves it outside, especially in the snow.  She is totally house broken and only had a few accidents the first week.  She does great in her crate at night. She has doubled her size and weighed 15 pounds at the vet last week.  Everyone is just in love with her and her color.  We are really glad that we got her."

Thanks for sharing!

Ruby and Caroline
Lovin the car rides together!
Below: Pictures of Mera at 3 1/2 months and big sister, Lelo exactly 1 year older. Bev wrote, "Mera is doing wonderfully!  She starts her official puppy classes on Monday. She just adores the children and they adore her too.  Its funny that Lelo chooses the rambunctious children and Mera chooses the quiet and shy children.  They certainly balance each other out.  They make such a great team!" 
Mera is fitting right into the nursury school along with Lelo. Dress up day!
Mera is still trying to fit into the cat bed!
Left and below: Cooper, 3 months, is checking out the swimming pool where he lives. It won't be long before he will probably be diving in! Don wrote, "Everyone (human and dog) just love him; he is so loving and smart. Thanks so much for being such great breeders, we are so very happy with him." Don reports that Cooper weighed 27 pounds at his last vet visit and the vet predicted he is going to be a big boy. It looks like he is as big as a horse, now!

Above and right: Fiona, 3 months, looks like she is enjoying the snow. Pennsylvania has certainly had lots of it to play in! Jill sent these pictures and wrote, "We are so thrilled with our Fiona Joy. She is doing well; can sit, stay, come, shake, do down, and over (where she lays on her back).  We are currently working on rolling over. Just want to say thank you for putting in the time and effort.  You have given us a beautiful companion.  We are so appreciative of her.  So...when those pups have you up in the early morning hours, just remember that there are those of us that are very thankful for the love you put into your dogs.  We reap the benefits." Thanks, Jill.

Pat sent me these great pictures of Koko adjusting to her new home and her new friend and playmate.
Phil sent this picture of Ruby and Caroline after playing in the rain and mud. It looks like Ruby cleaned up well! She looks beautiful with her first hair cut at 4 1/2 months! Wow! Thanks for sharing these great pictures.

Bev and Jack sent these pictures of Lelo and Mera. Lelo is almost 1 1/2 years old now and still a beautiful dark red. Mera is just 4 1/2 months here. They work hard helping Bev in the nursery school every day. Jack and Mera just earned their akc star puppy award! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing!

Lelo and Mera are one year apart and come from the same parents, Max and Cedar. When I first saw this shot, I thought immediately: Like daddy and like mommy! Lelo looks just like Max in this picture and Mera looks just like Cedar! Thanks for sharing this picture, Bev and Jack.
The nursery school children must have so much fun dressing these two poodles up every day! She makes a beautiful princess! Was she dressed to watch the royal wedding?
Mera 5 months
After a day with the children, they are off to training classes or somewhere. There is never a dull moment for these two sisters!
Over Memorial Day weekend, I took a trip to Orlando, Florida, and while I was there, Don was kind enough to bring Cooper over to see me. I had a great time getting to play with him and love on him. He is getting to be a very big boy, and has darkened from his apricot color to a light red. Thanks, Don, for sharing!
Mera watches Lelo digging for, sand crabs maybe? It's fun to imagine you're really at Murtle Beach!
Ruby said, "Did I do what? I don't see a thing!"
Mera the angel at 10-11 mo of age.
The inseparable "sistas", Mera and Lelo, tired after an evening of "Dancing with the Stars!"
Bev shared a great idea for getting your puppies to love their bath time. She wrote, "This pic is part of a "tub" game.  I hide/scatter Beneful kibble in and around the tub.  They search whenever they get in there.  The bathroom is a "happy" place!  They were wanting more treats.  Offering a retrieve for more.  The other pic is where Mera grabbed the washcloth out of Lelo's mouth to see if it would work for her too!" Thanks for sharing this great idea, Bev!
Two great pictures of Thule at almost two and a half years of age. She certainly loves the water!
Daddy's Girl! Mera loves hanging out with Jack!
Cooper at two years
The Sistas: Mera and Lelo
Mera is Christmas shopping!