Cedar and Max's Litter born October 17, 2012 Watch Them Grow!

Samara sent this picture of Rosco and said, "Just wanted to let you know that we are really enjoying Roscoe. The girls love him and they enjoy taking care of him. His personality and temperament is perfect and he is a good puppy!"  

Tyler and Carla sent these pictures of Henry and his big brother Amos. Amos is also from Cedar and Max, but one year older than Henry. They commented, "Had a great trip home and everyone is doing great. They get along very well. Henry doesn’t take much nonsense from Amos, and as soon as he’s bigger I don’t think he will take ANY nonsense from him! They share food and toys. Henry runs Amos out of his kennel, although he has his own. Henry will go in and lay with Amos and Amos will get up and leave. They are awesome to watch."

Henry and Amos
Rosco at the park! Samara wrote, "Roscoe has to be the best, most well behaved puppy on the planet. We really love him. I enrolled him in obedience courses a bit young, but he's so smart and willing to please, I know he'll do fine. My only regret is that our home is too full, at the time being, to take another one of your tremendous and beautiful puppies." Thank you, Samara.

Rachel and Alfonso sent these great shots of Hoosier and wrote, "He's doing very well!!! He's an awesome little pup!  He learned how to sit in like 20 minutes.  Alfonso's already talking about getting him a big brother sometime in the next few years!!!  Thank you so much for breeding such a great dog!!  We're super happy and love him to pieces!" Thanks for sharing! 
Rosco tries to fit in the cat's bed!
Rosco at three months and 25 pounds
Sister, Della, loves her toys!
Rosco at 5 months freshly groomed and quite handsome!
Hoosier at 5 months and looking like he is about to outgrow the lap! He is growing his hair out for a lion cut.
Hoosier at 7 months
Congratulations to Roscoe and Samara!
Rosco is ready for summer pictured here at a handsome 7 months of age!
Henry also at a handsome 7 months of age
Henry is playing with his brother, Amos, the same parents, only one year older.
Bentley (below) at 5 to 7 months
Pictured above is Della at 8 months. Jared wrote, "She's curious, engaged, lively, and full of the poodle spirit. She weighs more than 50 pounds and she's extremely strong."
Jingle at 10 months: Linda wrote, "Our little Jingle is growing! We don't think she will be a large standard but, we'll see what the next few months bring.
We took her on her first doggy vacation and she loved to ride on the golf cart!
She is full of mischief ;) and energy. She loves walks, playing ball and cuddling. Jingle is smart, loving and a very sensitive soul. We will keep you updated on the adventures of Jingle!

Toews and Hoosier meet for a play date!
Rosco loving the snow and is ready for Christmas!
Handsome Hoosier freshly groomed!
Bentley is singing,"I wish you a Merry Christmas....!