Cedar and Max's Litter born November 25, 2011

Watch Them Grow!!

Sue Doane sent these pictures of Ivy meeting some of the family. To the left, she sleeps on Grandma's lap in the nursing home and to the right she meets the grandchildren. Sue wrote, "She just gives us all so much joy.We absolutely love her." Thanks, Sue, for sharing.
Gus, 9 weeks old and enjoying the snow!
Beautiful Lola!
Amos certainly seems to be making himself at home in these pictures. Tyler and Carla wrote, " Just wanted to share some pictures and let you know Amos is doing great! He is an awesome dog. Smart, funny and beautiful." Thanks for sharing!
Jan is never going to get the floor cleaned like this!
Ivy sitting very pretty and getting to know Sue and Tom's grandson, Drew.
It looks like Kerra has plenty to play with. "Mmmm, which one is next?"
Kerra and Ivy both live in Michigan and got together for a play date! It was as if they were never apart!
Wow! Sedona's legs are really getting long! She is going to be tall like her father. Adorable picture! Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!
More adorable pictures of Sedona!
Pisgah is enjoying the mountains and snow in Oregon!
Gus has caught a rabbit!! What a good hunting dog!
Sedona's first hair cut! She is beautiful at four months!
Ivy went to Chicago to visit the grandchildren. Here she is following Tom and Sue's grandson, Drew. Above, Ivy has found one big stick!
Ivy look stunning after her grooming. She is so happy to see Sue coming home! We all love being greeted by our faithful and excited babies when we get home.
Alexis with Katniss: Melissa says that Katniss is doing great!
Pisgah's first hair cut and enjoying spring time in Oregon!
Kerra is learning to retrieve a frisbee.
Lola enjoys going along on a shopping trip. Poodles love to get in that car and go anywhere we go!
Gus likes to sleep-in in the mornings. Jan said, "I had my coffee and breakfast finished before I finally decided to make the teenager get up and go outside!"
Tyler and Karla sent these pictures of Amos at 5 months of age and said he is doing super! Adorable haircut! Thanks for sharing!
Sedona at 6 months
Pisgah at the beach
Gus graduates fourth place in his beginning obedience class!
Gus plunges in for the ball for the first time!
Gus loves helping Jan in the garden!
Drew and Ivy enjoy a boat ride with Grandma and Grandpa.
Pisgah is all pooped out after a day at the beach!
Gus and Ivy have a fun play day together in July! Lots of playing requires logs of water! (Between 7 and 8 months old here)
Lola at 7 months
Amos at 8 months
Pisgah at 8 months
Kerra goes on her first long hike: 8 months old here.
Gus at one year
Sedona at one year
Pisgah, cute and fuzzy at one year
Handsome Amos at one year
Ivy is the classy sweater model at one year
Kerra is ready for her first birthday party!year
Sedona at one year
Sweet Lola at 9 weeks and one year later.
Another picture of beautiful Sedona at one year
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Gus's handsome face at one year
Ivy is becoming an excellent therapy poodle and is wonderful with children!
Sedona and her best friend at doggy daycare on Valentine's Day!
Sedona, left, and Gus above, both loving that ball!
Gus at 19 months
Lola at 18 months
Ivy on a therapy visit
Sedona at two years of age
Ivy at two years of age
Gus at two years of age
Kerra at two years