Gracie and Max's Litter Born 11/24/15 Watch them Grow!
Finnian in his new home
Finnian loves the snow
Finnian 3 months
Finnian 6 months
Finnian 4 months
Hazel Grace 8 wks
Hazel Grace 10 wks
Hazel Grace 6 months
Hazel Grace next to her half sister, Ivy
Boone in his new bed! What a life!
Boone, "This feels good, too!"
Boone and his brother, Toews, play hard at the park!
Boone at 4 months
Lucy on her way home
Lucy Graduates
Happy Easter
"Hey, this human activity is quite fun!
"Don't worry about the kids, Mom! I'll keep them contained until you get back!"
Marshall at his new home
Marshall loves the snow
Marshall at 3 months
Marshall at 7 months
Marshall at 4 months
Betty Lou 5 months
Betty Lou 5 months
Betty Lou in her new home
Maggie with her new family
Maggie at 4 months
Rooney love to go for walks
Rooney at home
Rooney with Mera
Rooney 5 months
Rooney 6 months
Our Gibson at 3 months
Gibson plays with Eli all day!
Facinated with the bunnies!
Gibson gives the cold nose morning wake up alarm!
Gibson, "Time to get up, boys!"
Gibson loves the water: 7 months, 57 pounds, 26.5 inches