Toews got to meet Maggie during his first couple of days home. Maggie is from Jazz and Max and will soon be two years old. Jaclyn sent these pictures and wrote, "He has had many visitors and has met many new fur friends in his short time here. Everyone loves him and compliment his colorings! Attached are a few pictures! One of him and Maggie (they got along great!) and a couple of him just being adorable! Thanks you so much for giving us such a wonderful puppy!! He is wonderful!"
Brandy got to go to the beach in Florida within her first few days home. She flew home as a carry-on and Bill sent me a note saying, "When I boarded, I put her under the seat (flight attendant watching). When the attendant left, I opened the front of the carrier and she stuck her head and front paws out and went to sleep. She slept all the way home.She is a great. We take her out a lot & she has not gone to the bathroom in the house. She has slept all night. THANK YOU for BRANDI. She will be loved.
Pippa's car ride home and first day with her new family! Anna wrote, "Pippa is doing so well! She has an excellent temperament. She had her first bath yesterday and was introduced to the hair dryer. She did an outstanding job. Nights haven't been too bad. She is quick to settle in her crate and lets us know when she needs to go out to potty.  She's been to the vet and was declared to be a healthy, happy puppy. She's had several car rides without incident and has also met 14 people and 2 cats!"
Pippa runs and plays in her first snow and then crashes for a nap. She is 10 weeks old here.
Gracie and Max's litter born October 14th, 2012 Watch Them Grow!
Mandy and Frankie enjoying the warmth of Florida!
Kylie is doing a great job of training Miss Tiffany! She can sit, stay and come!
Brandy's first hair cut!
Pippa's first hair cut!
Nothing like soft pillows and a good bone for Brandy!
Pippa at three months
Brandy is full of kisses!
Pippa graduates from Puppy Class!
Good Girl, Pippa!
Pippa Celebrates!
Louis at 12 weeks
Pippa at 4 months.
Toews at 4 months
Clifford at 4 months
More pictures of Clifford at 4 months
Louis at 5 months, freshly groomed!
Toews at 6 months
Pippa, to the left and right at 6 months, showing off her beautiful hair cut, bows and scarf!
Brandy at 7 months, 25 inches and 50 pounds.
Brandy, enjoying the warm Florida weather with Bill!
Pippa enjoys playing with other dogs at the park!
Toews: Happy Easter!
Rory at 5 months
This is Frankie at 6-7 months and Mandy wrote: "Our very special, very red boy is 55-60 lbs – 26'” square (perfect!)
We love him so much! He is sweet, loving, gentle, smart, curious and fearless. He loves people, cats, dogs and has no fear of our violent thunderstorms. He goes boating often.  One outstanding characteristic is that his only need in life is to be with his people. He has two cats to play with and a little sister – a Jack Russell Terrier. Everyone gets along!"
This is Clifford, the perfect image of his father, 27 inches and 50 pounds. His name really fits as you view the "Big Red Dog" in these three pictures where he is compared to the rest of his doggie family. Denise wrote: " He knows and loves all of the neighbor kids and the neighbors comment that he is a gentle giant always wanting to give a hug.  He towers over the fence when on his hind legs and stands there until someone will come and hug him all of the neighbors both sides and backyard are willing to hug him...even the guys!  They just love him.   He's a pretty good boy with a lovely disposition.  He is also very smart and learns quickly. 
He is everything you said he would be and more.  Beautiful, smart and loving we couldn't have picked a better big boy than our Clifford the Big Red Dog!"
Adorable Frankie - looks just like his father, Max!!
Brandy is a year old here and enjoying a hiking trip with her family!
Pippa meets Santa!
Toews meets Santa Paws along with little Kimi.
Toews is being a good big brother to Kimi on his way home.