Pictures of the Puppies from Jazz and Max born October 22, 2009
Watch Them Grow!
Sharing the Fun
These three pictures are of Leo at his new home in Loveland, Ohio. Leo was the largest puppy of the litter and is an apricot boy. He, too, is proof that poodles belong on the furniture and love the snow!
Rigsby loves the snow at his home in New York.
Eli is playing with his Christmas Teddy in his new home in Virginia
Harkin has adjusted well to his new home and is very lovable. He has also started puppy classes.
Eli looks quite comfortable here! He is learning very quickly and is already up to 25 pounds!
Eli, wake up! Nap time is over!
Left: Ike and Holly look happy together in their new home in Pennsylvania. I'm sure that taking two puppies has been a challenge for the Puthenpurayil family, but they have both puppies in puppy kindergarten, and they are training well. Both puppies have nice temperaments and make a great pair to be life-long playmates.
Eli's sits proud of his first haircut!
This is Eli Red with Sandra on their balcony, over looking the James River. He is 4 1/2 months old here, 21 inches at the shoulder and over 30 pounds. It won't be long, Sandra, until holding your baby like this will be difficult to do! Eli has a wonderful home with Sandra and Nelson, with a summer of sailboat riding to look forward to.
These pictures are also of Leo about two months later than the pictures above. He has had his first hair cut. What a handsome, big boy he is becoming, and I love the leopard collar!
This is Bo, who now lives in Georgia. He is 5 months old and weighs 35 pounds. Jerry and Andrea say that Bo is a bundle of energy; growing fast and loving life. He is loving puppy classes and his back yard. He is such a good boy and only destroys his toys and not the house. Thanks, Jerry and Andrea, for the great pictures and the update.
This is Reggie! Reggie went home with the Didier family to Fort Wayne, Indiana. Lisa says he is getting big and is so gentle and content and great with the kids. Thanks for these adorable pictures, Lisa!
Bo is 6 months old in these two pictures. What a happy and nice looking boy! And, what beautiful flowers you have already in Georgia, Andrea! Thanks for sharing!
These three pictures, above and below, are of Harkin at six months of age. He lives near Cleveland and is enjoying his new freedom to run since he got an invisible fence.
Rigsby lives in the state of New York and his early pictures are at the top of this page. He is 6 months old and is very busy helping Mary Ellen and her team at the nursery / landscaping business. Mary Ellen says the customers love him. Poodles like to be a part of our daily lives. Rigsby certainly looks like part of this team. Thanks for the pictures, Mary Ellen.
The Puthenpurayil family, who took two of Jazz's puppies, sent these great pictures of Holly and Ike. I don't think these two puppies lack for attention in this family. Training two at once can be very challenging, but this family is handling the challenge very well. Thanks for these great pictures.
One of the Puthenpurayil kids's favorite pictures of Ike! Too funny!
Alien Dog!
Eli Red makes the Newspaper during his play time at the park. Thanks, Sandra, for letting us know.

Below are pictures of Holly and Ike at 11 months. Michelle writes on 10/10/2010:

Ike and Holly have such different dispositions which makes it a lot of fun to have two.  As long as people truly understand the amount of work having two involves I would recommend it.  It is so nice to watch Ike and Holly play together.  One of their favorite games is chasing a laser light.  I thought they would eventually grow tired of the game, but Holly barks for it every evening.  We ask her if she wants different items, but she only barks when we ask if she wants the light!! They are such intelligent dogs.  They have not once chewed anything that they should not!!  We let them sleep outside their crates at night and they are great.  Ike sleeps in our room on the floor and Holly either sleeps in her bed or in bed with Mark.  He loves it.
I would be happy to talk with anyone interested in raising two puppies together.  Although very difficult in the beginning, it is so worth it now.
At their last weighin in September, Ike weighed 52lbs and Holly weighed 41lbs.

Holly and Ike help the children with geometry. "This is a right angle!" Poodles really are smart!
Ready for winter! This year Holly and Ike will be taller than the snow!
Best friends!

You saw Rigsby at the top of this page and here he is on his first birthday! Mary Ellen wrote, "Our handsome boy is doing wonderfully.  He is so smart and learns so quickly.  We are just crazy over him.  He has been a wonderful addition to our family." Rigsby is now 27 inches tall, like his dad, and weighs about 55 pounds. 

Left and Below: Bo spent his first birthday with his family at a large dog park in Alpharetta, Georgia, and then home for a birthday cupcake! Dee and Jerry say that Bo is 45 pounds and loves playing with Bella. He certainly had a wonderful birthday party!
Right and Below: This is Harkin at one year. Erin wrote:" Harkin has lots and lots of energy but is usually very well behaved.  He went on vacation with us to Lakeside this year and was the hit of the whole vacation place.  Everyone thought he was beautiful and kept stopping to pet him all week long. " Harkin has grown to the same size as his brother, Bo; smaller than dad, but a little bigger than mommy, Jazz.
Harkin on his second birthday posing with one of his best friends, Alex.
Leo went hiking in Yellow Springs on his second birthday.
Eli Red at 2 years of age with his owners, Sandra and Nelson
Eli Red on his new traveling home!