Jazz and Preston's Litter born February 25, 2013

Watch them Grow!!!!

Our Little Sophia at 8 weeks is already giving us the "Jazzy" look.
This is Abby at 8 weeks just before going home. After getting her home, Susan wrote, "She is adjusting well.  She is extremely smart and really picks things up quickly.  We just love her!
After getting Liam home, Laura wrote, "Our boy is adjusting beautifully. I am so impressed with him. He's the calmest, most sensible puppy I've ever seen. He loves our daughter and follows her everywhere. He adores being outside; never wants to come back in!

He just loves our chickens. He adores having the big yard to pounce around. See attached photo.

I have taken him on errands with me. Everyone loves him. Most comment on how relaxed he is. They're all impressed with his loving, laid back personality.

He's coming fairly consistently when called and he's learning fetch! He's so smart. "

After getting Oliver home, John and Shannon wrote, "Just wanted to give  you a quick update on Oliver.   The car ride home went great…  he slept almost the entire trip.       Meeting Artie for the first time was a piece of cake.   They instantly hit it off and have been inseparable since.  Artie’s favorite game is to play keep away from Oliver with all the toys.    He’s been getting better with each night and sleeping longer in between potty breaks.    He almost never whines anymore going in his crate.    Oliver is a total lover and quickly becoming a mommas boy.   
After getting Greta home, Nancy wrote,"We really enjoy watching Greta explore our yard and garden. Today I saw  her stalking a leaf that was wiggling in the breeze! And I've seen her rear up on her hind legs before she pounces on a ball. She is cute as a button.
Greta's first hair cut - three months old
Sophie's first hair cut also at 3 months of age
Charlie at about 10 weeks
Right:: Greta at 5 months: Nancy wrote, "Greta is one happy dog. It's been raining so much around here that the streams are nice and swollen and Greta just loves to play in the water and runs up and down the in the stream. Greta gets lots of compliments on how beautiful she is. We couldn't be happier and thank you for our wonderful companion!" 
Oliver is 5 months old in these three pictures. John wrote, "Oliver and Artie are getting along great.  We recently had the invisible fence put in and they are taking advantage of the wide open yard.    Oliver doesn’t like to play fetch much.. he would rather chase Artie while he’s getting his ball.     We’ve  also had them out on the boat and Oliver loves the water.   He’s not swimming yet but he loves to stomp and play in the water.     We have a kiddy pool set up in our backyard for him to play in during the day.   His favorite game is to chase the water for the hose and bite at it! Thanks again for the wonderful addition to our family."
Sophie is 5 months old in all of these pictures. She loves to retrieve her ball or any other toy and loves playing with our grandson, Caleb. She wants to go wherever we go, and her first canoe trip went amazingly well. She was very social with all the new people she met and sat or laid very still in the boat. She has completed her first puppy class and won the last night competition and a certificate. We are so proud of her and enjoying her tremendously!
Liam at 5 months
"Love this picture that my daughter took. Greta looks like royalty! We love her!" Greta is 10 months here.
Abby at about 7 months