Litter From Jazz and Max born January 29, 2011
Watch Them Grow
It's obvious that Murray and Brandon are good friends after only one day together.
Maple is quite content in her new home with Don and Emily. In the picture below, she is already learning to watch and sit. Good Girl!
"We LOVE Ruskin!" were the words that accompanied this picture of him in his new home with Katie and David.
Sharing the Fun
Wow! I love these photos, Lisa! Niko had a long ride to his new home in Tennessee, but it looks like he is certainly happy to be there and has become a good friend to the girls. Thanks so much for sharing!
Garnett sent this picture of Maggie and wrote, "Our new puppy is wonderful!
We're really enjoying her playful personality, as she greets everyone with her tail wagging. I have attached a pic of her in her favorite bed with a few of her toys.....She might be a little spoiled." Thanks for sharing!
Shawna wrote about Lucia, "We absolutely love her!  She came into our home like she had always been there!  This is a picture of her in the front seat of the car, where she sits everyday to take the kids to school, and then again to pick them up.  We are having so much fun with her! 
Murray with his new friend Jake.
Murray with Rachel and Connor.
Tracy sent these pictures of Murray. She wrote, "Murray has fit right into our family and we love him sooo much!!  Thanks so much for bringing him into our lives, he is such a joy!!!" Thanks for sharing!
I will never forget James's excitement when he arrived to get his puppy. He named her Mazie and they bonded immediately! Michelle wrote,"We just wanted to thank you so much for Mazie.  She is truly a blessing to our family.  We all love her so much.  She is adjusting really well. She knows how to sit, lay down, stay and roll over.  She is a smart little one.  She is doing well with potty training too. She and James play so well together.  She is so loving and just loves to curl up in your lap and cuddle. We get so many compliments on Mazie too!  Thank you for all you put into your dogs it really shows. " Thanks, Michelle for this wonderful update and for sharing!
Mazie: 12 wks
Above and below are pictures of Niko at close to three months. He gets lots of exercise playing with three children everyday and is probably wearing Lisa out! Puppies are so much like raising children. They are lots of work as well as being lots of fun! He is certainly a good looking boy! Thanks for sharing, Lisa!
Joshua and Niko: Nap time!
Sprinklers, Kids and Poodles certainly go together! Shawna sent this picture and said, "Lucia loves the water, we can't wait to take her boating!  I'm sure we won't be able to keep her out of the water...we have a hard enough time keeping her out of the bathtub during the kids bathtime!  Lol!  She continues to bring us such joy each day! 
" My family said I was playing in the creek, but I think they are fibbing. I think it was the cat!"
"Now really, does this look like a face that would play in a muddy creek? Yep, they were fibbing."
Garnet sent these 3 month pictures of Maggie and wrote, "Every day is a fun adventure with Maggie. She brings so much laugher to all of our family and friends! Thank you for the extra TLC you put into your puppies, it really shows in their personalities!' Thanks for sharing, Garnet!
Mazie 4 months
Mazie and Ruskin live in the same area and go to the same puppy classes. They get to see each other often and play together. Once again, two puppies have brought families together as friends. What a blessing! Ruskin seems to be taking after his father, Max, getting very tall. Mazie is much like her mother, Jazz, loving to run, jump and play in the water. Thanks for sharing these great pictures, Michelle!
James and Mazie are best buds!

Mazie may be smaller than her brother, Ruskin, but it looks like she is letting him know that she is mighty! It is obvious they are sibblings; lying side-by-side, loving each other one minute and wrestling the next!

Mazie is loving that cool water! But, where are the fish?

Katie sent these additional pictures of Ruskin after his first hair cut. She wrote, "He’s very calm and relaxed to be a puppy. Thank you again for all of the love and attention that you put into your puppies---we truly could not have dreamed of a better dog. He also LOVES riding in the car." Thanks for sharing these great pictures!
Wow, what big paws you have!
Ruskin and his playmate, Pipi
I love this shot!
This is beautiful Lucy after her first hair cut, at the age of 4 months. Victoria wrote,"I love her so much and she is my shadow.  We do lots together; she loves the car and we travel a fair amount." Thanks for sharing, Victoria!
Niko ( above and below) with his first hair cut. What a handsome boy at 4 months! Thanks for sharing, Lisa!
Katie wrote, "Ruskin won “Best of Show” at an annual festival in my hometown this past weekend. He had over 50 competitors (including an older white standard poodle)! We were very impressed, and he was very proud! He also brought home awards in the “best purebred puppy”, “pet/owner look alike”, and “non-sporting” categories. His picture will be in the local paper tomorrow and he will get to ride on a float in the Christmas Parade." Congratulations, Ruskin! Katie also shared that Ruskin was not afraid to dive right off the dock into the lake after Dave. He had his first swimming experience at 4 months of age. This makes his water loving mommy, Jazz, proud!
Murray at 5 months of age pictured with his family. Thanks, Tracy, for these great pictures!
Shawna Hoover sent these pictures of Lucia and wrote, "Here is a picture of Lucia on her first boat ride.  She loved it!  She was a little hesitant about jumping in, but once she saw all of us in the water, she couldn't resist!  I'm not sure who had more fun, her, or the kids!  I would definitely consider her a "water rat".  She loves the sprinkler, the creek, the bathtub, the lake!  

Another one of Lucia's pastime activities...intensely watching the birds!  We have caught her a few times trying to catch them in mid flight. 

"We have found her favorite sport to be soccer!  She actually loves any activity that involves a ball, she even shags wiffle balls for Tyler after he hits them off the tee!  She wants to be included in whatever we do, and she usually is, unless we absolutely can't take her.  We are constantly getting compliments on her beauty and behavior...people never believe us when we tell them how old she is.  We are very proud of her!" Thanks for sharing, Shawna!

Michelle sent these two pictures of Mazie and wrote, "Thank you again for Mazie we are all so attached to her. Ty and her go running in the mornings and she and James play all day. They wear eachother out.  She still loves to crawl in your lap even though she does not fit anymore.  She loves to look out or front window and make sure the neighborhood is ok. lol. The kids all love her and she is so good with everyone.  The picture was taken at 6 months." Thanks for sharing, Michelle! 
Here are some great new shots of Niko at about 7 months or age. What a handsome boy he is growing to be, Lisa. I especially love the picture of Niko with Breanna, Joshua, and Melina. Thanks for sharing, Lisa.
Katie and Dave sent these photos of Ruskin at 8 months of age. He has grown quite tall and handsome! Katie wrote, "Dave and I don't remember what our home was like before him and we don't even want to think about what it would be like without him. I know that I have said it before—but there was not a better puppy out there than our Ruskin and we can’t thank you enough for bringing him into our lives. His temperament is incredible. He is growing into a very calm, relaxed, proud, regal dog—people are shocked when we tell them that he’s only 7-8 months old, they don’t expect his behavior/demeanor from a puppy. I know a lot of your buyers focus mainly on color (as did I, admittedly) but being in the position that I am now, I could care less if he were green—I wouldn’t trade his personality for the reddest poodle out there."
Ruskin passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen test at less than 10 months of age! Congratulations!
Victoria returned to pick out a second puppy for her mother, Dorothy, and brought Lucy to visit us just 3 weeks before her first birthday. She weighs 62 pounds and stands the same height as her father, Max. I was thrilled as I watched her run and play on our property again. She has grown to be a stunningly beautiful big girl, for sure.
Don and Emily Iles sent this photo of Maple at 10 1/2 months of age. They wrote, "Maple is a treasure and ready for her first Christmas.   She has sniffed all the treats and checked out the decorations.  Her loving personality makes her such a joy to have.  We took a picture tonight of Maple and our Bichon Lily in their holiday collars." Thanks for sharing this great photo! They are both adorable!! 

This litter all turned one year old on January 28th, 2012!

Happy Birthday!

Ruben (left) and Ruskin (right) go hiking together. They are brothers two years apart in age.
Ruskin and Pippi. Ruskin is one year old here.
Dave and Katie have to go to work today. I'll be here with with nothing to do! Poor me!
Mazie with her best friend, James!
What a beautiful pose of Ruskin with the spring wild flowers! Love it! A just as handsome brother!
Niko looks like royalty in this picture! What a handsome boy!
Ruskin and Mazie get together for a play date!.
Ruskin on vacation with his family at Niagara Falls.
Pictures of Maggie at 17 months of age. Garnet wrote, "Maggie is doing fantastic. She is just the most lovable, interactive and funny dog ever! Everyone that visits our home becomes best friends with Maggie, she makes sure of that! She is the same height and weight as her mom Jazz (45 lbs.)

I am sending you some pics of our recent (June) camping/kayaking trip to Indian Lake. Maggie loves to travel and is always ready for a new adventure. She whines if the kayaks leave the shore without her! I can't begin to tell you how much we enjoy her." I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing, Garnet!

Mazie in the fall of 2012
Murray, fall 2012
Niko ready for some fun at the park!
Lucia at two years of age
Ruskin at two years of age
Niko at two years of age
Ruskin (front) and Mazie (back) at two years of age
All Gorgeous products of Jazz and Max!!!
Lucia is now 26.5 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs 60 pounds. The Hoover's wrote, "Here is a recent pic of Lucia playing in the snow.  We tell everyone we have four kids, and one of them has four legs!  She really is like our child, she goes everywhere with us, and we love her to death! "
Ruskin and Mazie