Max and Jazz's Litter born November 28, 2011

Watch Them Grow!

Charlie at 9 weeks: What a handsome boy!! Lynn Sellers wrote, "He is just perfect and we are madly in love with him already!" These are great photos, Lynn! Thanks for sharing.
Ashlee sent this adorable picture of Scarlett. She wrote,"We just love her to pieces! She so good with EVERYONE." Thanks for sharing, Ashlee. 
Brandy shared and wrote,"I've sent some photos so you can see how well she is getting along with our handicapped Labrador, Glory.She is a wonderful mix of cuddly and playful; full of energy one minute, and then ready to take a nap in the chair with you the next. The kids are having a lot of fun with her too, and my daughter has been calling her "the little red-haired angel." Thanks for sharing, Brandy.
Glory and Ember
Charlie has found a comfortable place to sleep in the closet!
Charlie's first hair cut after going home. He is very handsome and has his mamma's eyes for sure!
Scarlet and Noah spending quality time together!
Scarlet's is beautifully groomed at 3 months.
Scarlet and Kevin: She is 5 months old in this picture.
Luna and John: Luna is about 5 months in this picture.
Luna at 5 months
Ethel at 5 months
Scarlet prancing in her back yard.
Scarlet with Matthew
Charley at one year
Scarlet at one year
Luna at one year
Luna about one year old
Ethel and one year taking up quite a bit more of Dorothy's lap!
Charlie claims he has not idea what happened to the mashed potatoes!
Luna at 18 months
Charlie at about 20 months of age
Ready for bed!