Poodle Parties at the Friedman's

Scot and Lisa Friedman along with Ruben, a pup from our Jazz and Max's first litter together, have hosted poodle parties for Raspberry Woods puppies that live within driving distance. Pictures from their first 2009 party are featured on the Sharing the Fun page under Jazz's December litter of 2008. This party has become an anual event and below you will find pictures from the parties from 2010 to the present year. Each year, we travel to their lake property near Eaton, Ohio taking all of our poodles and we get to see many of their offspring who join the party. It is always lots of fun, and we are all very thankful to the Friedman's for opening their beautiful lake property to us all! (Scroll down to see pictures from the parties held since 2010)

"Welcome to my lake house!" Ruben was the poodle host of the party.
All wait patiently for their party treats from Bill.
Tom and Scot take Ruben, Max, and Cedar for a ride!
Nellie is fast and determined at water retrieving. Lou, you might want to get her in competition!
Our three gorgeous female swimmers catch some rays on the dock!
Leo was the youngest of the six poodles. He is from Jazz and Max's last litter and is 9 months old in this picture. This is his first time to swim, and he is doing great!
Ruben even takes Cedar, Jazz, and Max for a ride in his 1966 red Pontiac convertable! "Hey Scot! We need the keys, please!"
Sorry, Lisa. I couldn't resist putting up this almost perfect butt shot.
Jazz spendsa lot of time swimming and looking for fish. She spends hours in our pond at home looking for fish and has caught one so far!
Cedar watches as Leo and Ruben wrestle.
Enjoying my puppies!
In the evening, Scot and Lisa took us for a pontoon ride around the lake. Everyone, person or poodle, enjoyed this relaxing ride.
Jazz and Max watch as we pass some ducks.
Lou, and his best friend, Nellie!
Cedar loved this boat ride; a great way to end this exciting day!
No, this is not a poodle! Cute little Sukie might have been out-numbered, but she could hide in or get through places that those big poodles could not!
This year, Ruben was the perfect host again, taking his guests on a ride in his motorcycle and side car.
Cooling off on this hot August day! The poodles swim to the rafts, where they can rest for a few minutes.
6 month old Ruskin attended his first poodle party!
Lou's Nellie spent lots of time retrieving. She is so good at it and fast as well!
Time for Lisa's delicious liver brownies!
A deck full of wet poodles!
Scot, Ruben and Jazz
Dave, Katie and Ruskin taking a break from the water.
Nellie doing her "walk like a bear" trick! Good girl, Nellie!
Time for a ride on the pontoon. Again a relaxing end to a fun filled day!
Ruben and Lisa
Tom and Cedar
Lou and Nellie
Gracie and me
Jazz, watching the other boats go by. She so loves the water, that is for sure! What a great way to end another great day at the Friedman's! Thank you so much for your hospitality!
Scot really knows how to grill hamburgers! Thanks, Scot!
Lou and his amazing Nellie!
Max enjoys the ride stretched out on the back seat.
Poodles and their families started arriving around 1:00. These pictures show Jazz, Gracie, Cedar, Charlie, Gus, Nellie, Ruben, and the back half of Max.
"Here they all come again!" Ruben is a gracious host, sharing his territory with all of his sisters, brothers and parents.
Leo and Ruben getting to know each other again.
Charlie's first time at the party at 8 months of age.
Nellie jumps to retrieve her frisbee! She is so good at retrieving in the water!
Treat time! Jan and Lisa both had hand made doggie treats for the poodles to reward them for such a good job swimming and getting along!
Everyone brought delicious dishes to share and Lisa and Scot grilled their juicy, all grass-fed beef hamburgers. After dinner, most were able to stay for the boat ride. The dogs love this part of the day, and so do we!
Katie, Ruskin, and Dave
Lou and his Nellie
Jazz watches a boat go by and tries to jump after it!
Cedar enjoys riding on the back and feeling the wind in her face.
Tom thought Ruben was thirsty, but Lisa informed him that he just wants to play with the bottle! Plastic bottles make fun and noisy toys!
Max, Lisa and Cedar
Tom and Ruben seem to be watching the same thing.
It was a fun day! Thanks again to Scot and Lisa for sharing their lake property with us all!
Max is a good swimmer, although he would rather not.
My girls and me!
Ruben and Scot
Pippa is swimming to Phil!
Lou forgot Nellie's water toys this year, so she is retrieving his shoe!
Cedar is an excellent swimming companion!
Amos is a fabulous water retriever as well!
"Get back in the water!"
Beautiful Pippa!
Hoosier and Toews after swimming waiting for a treat, "Did we do well?"
Toews is about to find out why he is wearing this handsome red jacket!
Handsome Ruskin probably looking for Mazie who I don't seem to have a picture of.
"Let's try to line them all up!" lol
Gus with Jan and Toews with Jaclyn
Tyler and Carla with the brothas: Amos and Henry
Liz hugging Leo. Leo is the tallest poodle we have produced, standing 29 inches at the shoulder and looking just like his mama, Jazz, who was dearly missed this year..
Hoosier and Gus
Toews and Nellie
Lou and Nellie
Poodles everywhere!
Lisa obviously has treats and the attention of a few of the gang.
Treat time!
Thanks to Scot, Lisa and Ruben for hosting this great party again in 2013! A good time was had by oodles of poodles and humans as well!
Poodle Party on July 23, 2010: Three of our puppies and their families who live in Southern Ohio were able to attend. Of course Scot and Lisa's Ruben was there along with Nellie, owned by Lou Sharpshair, and Leo, owned by Bill and Liz Temple. We took along Jazz, Max and Cedar.
The 2011 party was another great party with 9 poodles and 12 humans in attendence. We had a great time again swimming with the dogs and eating lots of great food. Thanks again to the Scot, Lisa and Ruben for opening their home to us all! Enjoy the pictures.
The 2012 Party was held on July 14th. Ten Raspberry Woods Poodles attended with their families: Ruben (host), Ruskin, Charlie, Leo, Gus, Nellie, (our four) Max, Jazz, Cedar, and Gracie. We also had two guest poodles, Jackson and Sierra. Thanks again to Scot and Lisa Friedman for opening their lake home to us all. We had a wonderful time! Enjoy the pictures!
The 2013 Party was held on August 17th. Thirteen Raspberry Woods Poodles attended with their families: Ruben (host), Ruskin, Mazie, Leo, Gus, Nellie, Cedar, Sophie, Amos, Henry, Toews, Pippa, and Hoosier. We also had two guest poodles, Jackson and Sierra. Thanks again to Scot and Lisa Friedman for opening their lake home to us all. We had a wonderful time again! Enjoy the pictures!
The 2014 Poodle Party was held on June 28th. The following poodles and their families attended: Rosco, Pippa, Toews, Kimi, Gus, Lucy, Bria, Leo, Nellie, Sienna, Jackson,Gracie, Max, Cedar, Sophia, Ellie Mae, and Ruben, the host! Enjoy the pictures!
Ruben, "It's party time again!
Leo Looks out to say good-by to his siblings as another great poodle party comes to an end! Thanks to you all who attend and make the party such a fun time and thanks to Scot, Lisa and Ruben for hosting the 6th annual Poodle Party!
The 2015 Poodle Party was held on June 27th. Although it was the end of June, the weather was not the best this year, with temperatures just in the 60's with occasional drizzles, but the party went on as planned, and there were 21 poodles in attendance: Ruben, Max, Cedar, Gracie, Sophie, Ellie Mae, the Sistas – Lelo & Mera, Nellie, Lucy, Roscoe, Leo, Charlie, Boone, Toews, Kimi, Jackson, Sienna, Baxter, Ruskin, and Mazie. We had a great time! Enjoy the pictures!
Ruben, "Welcome back to the Friedman's! It's Party Time Again!"
The proud and handsome father of most of these puppies, Max, relaxing after the party!
Thank you Scot, Lisa and Ruben for another great Poodle Party!
Ellie and her mother, Cedar
Tom and Ruben
Scot and Max
Dave and Ruskin
Captain Lisa
Ready, set, go!
Bev and Lelo Dance
Jack and Bev join us for the first time with the Sistas
James with 9 month old Boone
Boone is loving his first swimming party!