Link to Puppies' Families 2008 to 2018
Ellie Mae and Jesse's Litter Born March 8, 2019
Our Puppies have become members of Wonderful Families!
"Bella," went home with Eric and Jessica, Losekamp and their two boys, Cole and Reid, to Guilford, Indiana.
"Maggie," went home with Liz Meacham to Fairport Harbor, Ohio.
"Ginger," went home with Christina and Madison Hayden to Concord Twp, Ohio.
"Winston," went home with Jo Ann and Raylin Pearson to East Alton, IL.
"Ardyn," went home with Erin Higgenbotham to Ann Arbor,Michigan.
"Ollie," went home with Evan and Allison Slattery to Centerville, OH.
"Ruby," went home with Joel and Amy Blankenship and family to Powell, Ohio.
"Chester and Rosie," went home with Tamara and Hannah Chippi to Amherst, Ohio.
Zala and Jesse's October 2, 2019 Litter
"Rupert," went home with Bob and Teresa Behnke and their family to Grove City, OH. They also own Rupert's uncle, Flynn.
"Kitty," went home with Tim and Cindy Grinstead to Galloway, OH.
"Briggs," went home with Julie, Mason and Eric Ludwig to Wapakoneta, Ohio.
"Marley," went home with Brian, Rachel and Landon Miller to Warsaw, IN.
"Carson," went home with Jeff, Lisa and Amy Johnson to Maineville, OH.
"Bella Rose," went home with Lou, Donna and Nellie Sharpshair to Cincinnati, OH.
"Landry," went home with Cheryl and Dave Berton to Brookeville, Ohio.
"Kelly," went home with Patricia Doyle to Cincinnati, Ohio.
"Charlotte," went home with Elspeth Neville to Lima, Ohio.
Reba and Gibson's First Litter born on Valentine's Day 2020
Dark Green Collar, Fozzie, went home with Julia Sutton to Rochester, Indiana.
Pink Collar, Scarlett, went home with Tim and Becky Baker to Maumee, Ohio.
Purple Collar, River, went home with Vicki and Jacklyn Rike to Westerville, Ohio.
Yellow Collar, Ember, went home with Jennifer Diaz to South Bend, Indiana.
Black Collar, Wrigley, went home with Carissa and Travis Harless to Heath, OH.
Lime Green Collar, Rayne Heart, went home with Ivan Miller to Lexington, Ohio.
Orange Collar, Lily, went home with Paul and Mara Stumbo to Wyoming, OH.
Blue Collar, Duncan, went home with Jason and Christie Mitchell to Tipp City, Ohio.
White Collar, Ricky, went home with the Baser family to Mokena, Illinois. This family also owns another RW poodle named Lucy.
Red Collar, Virgil, went home with Paul Manger and John Hess to Adrian, Michigan.
These puppies went home during the Covid 19 shut down in April of 2020. We had to change our pick up procedure to meeting new puppy owners in our garage and everyone had masks and wore gloves to handle the puppies. It was certainly a different approach, but all worked out well.
Ellie and Jesse's Litter born February 20, 2020
Red and Blue Collar males, Oggie and Otto, went home with David and Samantha Heedy to Columbus, Ohio.
Yellow Collar, Pennelope, went home with Nyle and Megan Olds to Amherst, Ohio.
Purple Collar, Lucy, went home with Don and Leslie Oaks to Huntersville, NC.
Aqua Collar, Daisy, went home with Mike and Mary Foster to Springboro, Ohio.
Black Collar, Charlie, went home with Dennis and Karen Franz to Mokena, IL. They also have another RW poodle at home named Susie.
Orange Collar, Breezy, went home with Jim and Mary Ferguson to Findlay, Ohio. They also have a six year old RW poodle named Jillian.
Pink Collar, Vivian, went home with Amanda Walker to Alpine, Utah. She also has a six year old RW poodle at home named Riley.
Ellie and Jesse's Last Litter Born September 2, 2020
"Sherlock," went home with Steve and Diane Briggs to Erie, PA.
"Waldorf," went home with the Petti Family to Gate Mills, OH.
"Max," went home with Tom and Kris Green to Centerville, OH.
"Levi," went home with Debbie Conatser to New Richmond, OH.
"Sig," went home with the Allen family to Delta, OH.
"Lois," went home with Christopher Betts to Delaware, OH.
"Mariah," went home with Susan Dilworth to New Madison, OH.
"Ensign," went home with Russell and Catherine Snyder to Conneaut, OH.
Zala and Jesse's Litter Born September 26, 2020
"Dickie," went home with Cheryl Kelly and Claude Delaney to South Bend, Indiana.
"Maverick, " went home with the Lane family to Hudson, Ohio.
"Moses," went home with Phyllis Bako to Niles, Ohio.
"Skye, " went home with Peggy and John Seab to Waterville, Ohio.
"Heidi," went home with Krista Pembroke to DeRuyter, NY.
Reba and Gibson's Dec. 18, 2020 Litter
"Murphy," went home with Mary Alvarez to Van Wert, Ohio.
"Demelza," went home with John and Patty Reeves and family to Defiance, Ohio. John and Patty also own a RW poodle from Gracie and Max named Poppy Moon.
"Freddie," went home with Kailey Ruggiero to Indianapolis, Indiana.
"Jenny," went home with Ivan and Okemia Miller to Lexington, Ohio. Jenny will become a playmate to her older brother, Rayne Heart, a RW poodle born a year ago from Reba and Gibson.
"Cooper," went home with David and Judy Jack to Jenks, Oklahoma. David and Judy also own Remi, a RW poodle from Sophia and Max, as well as Dallas, another offspring of our Max.
"Wyatt," went home with Dean and Marcy Clarke to Hamilton, Ohio.
"Marshall," went home with Joy and Maxwell Weber to Springfield, Ohio.
"Maggie," went home with Ryan and Amber Morris and their children to Fishers, Indiana. They also own a Sophia/Max pup named Lucy.
Red Collar male went home with Jessica Black and her family to Chillicothe, Ohio.
"Polly," went home with Dan and Shari Schmidt and family to Cincinnati, Ohio.
"Rosalind," went home with Michael and Karis Blubaugh and their handsome black poodle, Esmond, to Stevensville, Michigan.
"Nova," went home with Jason Rike to Westerville, Ohio. His family also owns, River, an older sister to Nova.