About Us

            When Tom and I were dating, I owned a miniature poodle, who always managed a way to squeeze between us wherever we were sitting.   Tom had not been raised with house pets and didn’t really want one, but it wasn’t long before he realized that a house dog would be part of the package if he was to ever marry me.  A couple of years after we met, my Suzette died, and we had the opportunity to take two male, miniature poodle puppies from a friend of my grandmother’s.  I took one and, yes, Tom took the other.  They went everywhere with us, and we grew to love the poodle breed. 

            Tom and I have been married now for over 35 years and have three wonderful children and eight grandchildren. We are both school teachers.  Tom taught high school art and recently retired to producing art full time, and I teach special education.   A few years after our children had graduated from high school and were almost out of college, we purchased our first standard poodle, and she brought great joy into our lives. 

            Jazz was a beautiful apricot color with hints of red.  She loved people, loved the outdoors, loved to swim, and loved to go wherever we went, especially hiking and kayaking.  She received certificates for obedience classes and AKC Good Citizenship.  I also took her through two classes of agility for fun, and she did very well.  Her intelligence made her very easy to train, and she was the perfect companion for us.  Full of spring and a fun loving spirit, Jazz lived her life here in our home on seven acres outside of Middle Point, Ohio.  She was free to run around the grounds and play in the pond as much as she wanted, and she was the perfect mother of many fabulous puppies bringing love and joy to many families today. In February of 2008, we purchased our own sire, Max. He is a beautiful, and very affectionate, dark red boy. We also kept a red female out of Jazz's first litter, (not sired by Max), and named her Cedar, and then in 2011 we added a red female, Gracie, to our breeding program. From Jazz's last litter, we kept a little clone of her and named her Sophie. Ellie Mae is our latest female addition, who comes from our Cedar and Max and Gibson, our upcoming sire, is from Max and Gracie and lives with our grandchildren. Jesse came to our family in 2015 to be an additional sire and perfect match for Ellie Mae. Our beloved Jazz has since passed away, and we miss her so very much. She was the start of our breeding program, which continues with our precious other six. You can read about our poodles on the "Meet the Parents" page.

The day we purchased Jazz!
My beloved Jazz and me!
Christmas family photo 2015