Photo Gallery
Jazz, Max and 3-month old Cedar playing 3-way tug
Jazz loves to be outside and loves the water!
Max joined our family in February of 2008. He loves to cuddle on the couch.
Jazz carefully guards Tom's pottery in his art studio.
Great friends say, "Good Night!"
Funny Jazz! She has such great expressions!
Our grandson, Caleb, says, "Giddy-up, Max!"
Cedar and Max spend lots of time together while Jazz is busy with her puppies.
Nellie at 13 weeks: Nellie got to stay with us a little longer than the rest of the litter. We really enjoyed her. She is a beautiful dark apricot girl owned now by Lou Sharpshair.
Happy Birthday, Cedar!!! She turned one year old on January 13, 2009.
A picture from Jazz and Jefferson's litter, 1/13/08. We kept the red female on the right and named her Cedar!
Our First and Beloved Jazz!
Our poodles love to go hiking with us. Here are three pictures taken in Hocking Hills. They sure are great at pulling us up those hills!
Lisa, Ruben and Scot met us at Kiser Lake for some Kayaking. Ruben is very well behaved in the boat.
Jazz loves the ride, but doesn't quite sit as still as Ruben. She watches the water hoping to see some fish. I keep her up front so I can keep her from jumping in when she gets the urge.
Our Grandchildren: Miles gives Jazz a hug. Caleb imitates Max on the porch. Miles plays in the yard while Cedar and Gracie watch. Madison dresses Jazz up for a photo.
Hiking trip with Scot, Lisa and Ruben at Natural Bridge State Park, Kentucky, April, 2011.
Cedar front and Gracie in the back
Lisa and Ruben
Lisa, me and Scot with all five poodles
Left: Tom with Cedar, Gracie and Jazz Top: Me with Jazz, Max and Cedar