Reba and Gibson had a litter of 12 on Dec. 18th, and all puppies have gone to their new homes. Another litter from Zala/Jesse is planned for the fall of 2021, depending on her heat cycle timing. Reba's next litter timing is unknown at this time. It could be the end of 2021 or sometime in 2022. In 2022, we will be adding a new female to our program, so three litters will be planned for that year. If you are interested in a future litter, call or email to get on the waiting list: 419-968-2577 or email me at: We refer to our waiting list as we place puppies for upcoming litters or to fill spots when people back out of the list. At this time, our waiting list is too full to promise any 2021 puppies to new inquiries. If you want on the list, you will be waiting until sometime in 2022.

For more information about the parents of our litters, go to the Meet the Parents link on the home page.

This is Raspberry Woods Captivating Red Reba when she was five weeks old.
Welcome to the Puppy Page!
This is Raspberry Woods Maximum Red Gibson when he was three months old.
Reba at 22 months
Raspberry Woods Captivating Red Reba
Gibson at about 1 year
Gibson now
Raspberry Woods Maximum Red Gibson
Three Puppies from their First Litter at 9-10 months

Reba and Gibson's Puppies: Born Dec. 18, 2020

7 Females and 5 Males

Reba 22 months
You can see Reba now in her pictures with her puppies below.
Two Days Old
Ten Days Old
Reba and Gibson's Puppies at Two Weeks: Eyes Open!
black collar
black & white collar
blue collar
red collar
purple collar
green collar
yellow collar
orange collar
aqua collar
lime collar
pink collar
white collar
Five Weeks Old and Adorable!
blue collar male
black collar male
black and white collar male
red collar male
white collar female
orange collar female
lime collar female
yellow collar female
purple collar female
aqua collar female
green collar male
pink collar female
Loving the Snow!
Puppies Going to their New Homes!
Black Collar, "Murphy," went home with Mary Alvarez to Van Wert, Ohio.
Aqua Collar, "Demelza," went home with John and Patty Reeves and family to Defiance, Ohio.
Lime green Collar, "Freddie," went home with Kailey Ruggiero to Indianapolis, Indiana.
White Collar, "Jenny," went home with Ivan and Okemia Miller to Lexington, Ohio. Jenny will become a playmate to her older brother, Rayne Heart, a RW poodle born a year ago from Reba and Gibson.
Blue Collar, "Cooper," went home with David and Judy Jack to Jenks, Oklahoma. David and Judy also own Remi, a RW poodle from Sophia and Max, as well as Dallas, another offspring of our Max.
Black and white Collar, "Wyatt," went home with Dean and Marcy Clarke to Hamilton, Ohio.
Green Collar, "Marshall," went home with Joy and Maxwell Weber to Springfield, Ohio.
Orange Collar, "Rosalind," went home with Michael and Karis Blubaugh and their handsome black poodle, Esmond, to Stevensville, Michigan.
Pink Collar, "Maggie," went home with Ryan and Amber Morris and their children to Fishers, Indiana. They also own a Sophia/Max pup named Lucy.
Red Collar male went home with Jessica Black and her family to Chillicothe, Ohio.
Yellow Collar, "Nova," went home with Jason Rike to Westerville, Ohio. His family also owns, River, an older sister to Nova.
Purple Collar, "Polly," went home with Dan and Shari Schmidt and family to Cincinnati, Ohio.
Gibson with his babies!