Sophia as a puppy
Ellie as a puppy

Red Litter From Gracie and Max

Born November 3-4, 2017 (Overnight labor)

Max at age 2
Max now at age 11
A few of Gracie / Max puppies from the past are pictured below. Gibson is also from Gracie and Max pictured on the parents page.
This will be Gracie's last litter. She will be spayed and retired from breeding this winter. This combo produces a few smaller standards closer to mom's size, but most of them are very large 27-29 at the shoulder and over 60 pounds. The great temperaments of this combo has produced good therapy dogs and great family pets.
Toews and Boone
Betty Lou
Lucy - does hospital therapy. Her sister, Hazel Grace is also therapy certified
Sophia's puppies turned five weeks old on October 7 and got their first puppy cuts. Here are their individual pictures! Enjoy!
Blue Collar Male
lBlack Collar Male
Red Collar Male
Lime Green Collar Male
Orange Collar Female
Pink/Aqua Collar Female
Purple Collar Female
Orange Collar Female
7 Weeks - They love the grass!
The Puppies going home with their new families!
Pink Collar "Molly" went home with Melanie Gumerman and Jon Tulk to Columbus, Ohio.
Red Collar "Seve" went home with Linda Rodriguez to Los Gatos, California.
Blue Collar "Mac" went home with Ken and Denise Collins to Aiken, South Carolina.
Black Collar "Remi" went home with Dave and Judy Jack to Palm Coast, Florida.
Orange Collar "Rosy" went home with Jodi Yost to Toledo, Ohio.
Green Collar "Fineous" went home with Megan Ols to Cleveland, Ohio.
Thank you for giving our puppies such wonderful homes!!!

Gracie with her babies just a few hours old: 5 females and 2 males

At this time, all of these puppies are sold.

Gracie/Max puppies at one week of age: picture taken 11/10
Two Weeks Old - Eyes Are Open!
Lime Green
Three Weeks Old! Starting to play and chew on each other !
Puppies were 5 weeks old on December 8th. Here are their individual pictures after their first puppy cuts! Enjoy!
Red Collar Female
Purple Collar Female
Green Collar Female
Orange Collar Female
Black Collar Male
Blue Collar Male
Pink Collar Female
The littlest one, Orange Collar, named "Margo," went to Cincinnati, Ohio!
Pink Collar, "Poppy Moon," went to Defiance, Ohio!
Seven Weeks Old - Playing in the Snow and Loving it!
Blue Collar, "Benelli," went to Columbus, Ohio.
Purple Collar, "Ivy," went to Loveland, Ohio!
Gracie and Max's Final Litter Has Gone to their New Homes!

Welcome to the RW Family, and Thank You for giving our puppies wonderful homes!

Blue collar, Benelli, went home with Javier and Adriana Pena to Columbus, Ohio.
Pink Collar, "Poppy Moon," went home with Reeves family to Defiance, Ohio.
Purple collar, "Ivy,"went home with Fitzgibbon family to Loveland, Ohio. Pictured at bottom left is Wrigley, their pup from Max and Gracie's 2016 litter.
Black Collar, "Sonny," went home with the Ahmed family to Hampton, Georgia.
Orange Collar, "Margo," went home with Luke and Katie Mosley to Cincinnati, Ohio!
Red Collar, "Vera," went home with Sam and Mia Lee to Columbus, Ohio.
Green Collar, "Sassy," went home with Elise Lingenfelter to Loudonville, Ohio.
Purple Collar was chosen to stay here at Raspberry Woods to join our breeding program. We named her Zala and she is stunning! She makes us laugh every day and is such a cuddler! We love her and are excited to see what she and our Jesse will produce in the future.
Red Collar, "Vera," went to Columbus, Ohio!
Green Collar, "Sassy," went to Loudonville, Ohio!
Black Collar, "Sonny," went to Hampton, Georgia!
To see puppies from our past litters, click on Past Litters.

Sophia and Max's litter was born on Sept. 2 and have gone to their new homes. Scroll down to the very bottom of this page to see this beautiful litter. Gracie and Max had their litter on November 3rd and have also all gone to their new homes. This beautiful red litter is pictured in the middle of this page. Ellie Mae and Jesse's next litter is planned for the spring of 2018. Several deposits have been taken on this litter and there is quite a long list of people waiting on their extra puppies. Sophia will have her next litter in September of 2018. Their waiting list is also getting long, but there might be openings in that litter. We are already taking names for 2019 which would be another Ellie/Jesse litter and possibly a Zala/Jesse litter. If you are interested in a future litter call or email to get on the waiting list: 419-968-2577 or email me at:

For more information about Max, Sophia, Ellie, Zala, Gibson, and Jesse, click on

Raspberry Woods Jazzy Sophia is the daughter of Jazz and Preston's winter of 2013 litter.
Meet the Parents
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Raspberry Woods Red Ellegance, "Ellie Mae" is the daughter of Cedar and Max from the fall 2013 litter..