Jesse at one year of age and, below, at three years.
This is Reba, who is a pup from Ellie and Jesse's 2018 litter, and a future mother here at Raspberry Woods.
Ellie Mae at one year of age and llater at three years of age.
Three Days Old
Ellie and Jesse's Litter was born on March 12, 2019! There are 6 females and 3 males!
Two Weeks Old - Eyes are Open!
Blue Collar
Black Collar
Red Collar
Orange Collar
Yellow Collar
Pink Collar
Purple Collar
White Collar
Lime Green Collar
Six Females
Three Males
Three Weeks Old: Chewing on each other, noticing toys and learning to eat puppy mush!
Visitors for them at Four Weeks! We were so blessed to have some friends come with their granddaughters who spent lots of time playing with the puppies!
The Puppies at Five Weeks with Puppy Cuts!
Blue Collar Male will be going to East Alton, IL with the Pearson family.
Red Collar Male will be going to Centerville, OH with the Slattery family.
Black Collar Male will be going to Amherst, OH with the Chippi family.
Pink collar Female
Purple Collar Female will be going to Ann Arbor, MI with Erin Higgenbotham.
Orange Collar Female will be going to Amherst, OH with the Chippi Family.
Green Collar Female is going to Guilford, Indiana to the Loosekamp family. Her name is Bella!
Yellow Collar Female
White Collar Female, Ruby, will be going to Powell, OH with the Blankenship family.
A Sunny Day in between all the Rain!
The Puppies With their New Families!
Green Collar, "Bella," went home with Eric and Jessica, Losekamp and their two boys, Cole and Reid, to Guilford, Indiana.
Yellow Collar, "Maggie," went home with Liz Meacham to Fairport Harbor, Ohio.
Pink Collar, "Ginger," went home with Christina and Madison Hayden to Concord Twp, Ohio.
Blue Collar, "Winston," went home with Jo Ann and Raylin Pearson to East Alton, IL.
Red Collar, "Ollie," went home with Evan and Allison Slattery to Centerville, OH.
Purple Collar, "Ardyn," went home with Erin Higgenbotham to Ann Arbor,Michigan.
White Collar, "Ruby," went home with Joel and Amy Blankenship and family to Powell, Ohio.
Black Collar and Orange Collar, "Chester and Rosie," went home with Tamara and Hannah Chippi to Amherst, Ohio.
Thank you all for giving our puppies wonderful homes!
G Sophia as a puppy
Ellie as a puppy
To see puppies from our past litters, click on Past Litters.

Ellie Mae and Jesse had a deep red litter on March 12, 2019! These puppies have all gone home with their new families. Scroll down to see this litter and their new families.

We are taking names for upcoming litters: 2019 Zala/Jesse litter, one last litter from our Sophia (sire undecided) and our 2020 litters from Ellie/Jesse, Reba/Gibson and Zala/Jesse. If you are interested in a future litter planned for the fall of 2019 or spring/fall of 2020, call or email to get on the waiting list: 419-968-2577 or email me at: We refer to our waiting list as we place puppies.

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Raspberry Woods Jazzy Sophia is the daughter of Jazz and Preston's winter of 2013 litter.
Meet the Parents
Welcome to the Puppy Page!
Raspberry Woods Red Ellegance, "Ellie Mae" is the daughter of Cedar and Max from the fall 2013 litter..