Sophia as a puppy
Ellie as a puppy
Red Litter Planned for late Fall: Gracie and Max
Sophia and Max's litter was born on Sept. 2nd. Scroll down to see their beautiful litter of 7.
Max at age 2
Max now at age 11
Sophia and Max: This is a recent picture of the together.
Below are several pups from Sophia and Max's past litters.
A few of Gracie / Max puppies from the past are pictured below. Gibson is also from Gracie and Max pictured on the parents page.

Litter from Sophia and Max Born on September 2, 2017

4 males and 3 females: All are Sold

This will be Gracie's last litter. She will be spayed and retired from breeding this winter. This combo produces a few smaller standards closer to mom's size, but most of them are very large 27-29 at the shoulder and over 60 pounds. The great temperaments of this combo has produced good therapy dogs and great family pets.
Toews and Boone
Betty Lou
Lucy - does hospital therapy. Her sister, Hazel Grace is also therapy certified
3 days old
This guy is a record breaker here weighing 18.8 ounces at birth. All of the puppies weighed between 13 and 18.8 ounces, plump and healthy.
One Week Old: To the left is a picture just after another fresh bath for Sophia. Below is a picture of the puppies all satisfied and sleeping.
One Week Old
One Week Old: Sleeping!
Waking up - Big Yawn!
The next pictures will be with their eyes open!
Two Weeks Old and Eyes are Open!! Enjoy!
The Boys!
Lime Collar
Blue Collar
Black Collar
Red Collar
Pink Collar
Purple Collar
The Girls
Orange Collar
Three Weeks Old: Beginning to chew on each other and play together!
Although they have toys, they are not really noticing them much yet. They do love the noise the wet wipes package makes when they walk on it and pay quite a bit of attention to it.
To see puppies from our past litters, click on Past Litters.

Sophia and Max's litter was born on Sept. 2. Scroll down on this page to see this beautiful litter. We will add new pictures each week as they grow. All of the litter is sold. Gracie and Max have a litter due Nov. 4th. We have taken a few deposits on her litter and have a waiting list for her extra puppies. Ellie Mae and Jesse's next litter is planned for the spring of 2018 and Sophia will have another litter in a year from now. If you are interested in a future litter call or email to get on the waiting list: 419-968-2577 or email me at:

For more information about Max, Gracie, Sophia, Ellie, Gibson, and Jesse, click on

Raspberry Woods Jazzy Sophia is the daughter of Jazz and Preston's winter of 2013 litter.
Meet the Parents
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Raspberry Woods Red Ellegance, "Ellie Mae" is the daughter of Cedar and Max from the fall 2013 litter..