Sophia as a puppy
Ellie as a puppy

Ellie Mae and Jesse's Second Red Litter

Born March 29, 2018: 2 males, 9 females

Ellie at 1 year
Ellie now
Raspberry Woods Red Elegance
Cinnfully Sweet Jesse James of Raspberry Woods
10 generation COI on this litter = 7.15%
The four pictures below show pictures of puppies from their first litter together. They are all approximately 10 months old in these pictures.
Axl, in the foreground, is an Ellie/Jesse pup from last year, and Rosco, in the background is a brother to Ellie.
Reggie at 10 months: 67 pounds and 26 1/2 inches at the shoulder
Rosy at 10 months
Azzie at almost 11 months
Ellie with her new litter, born March 29, 2018: 9 females and 2 males
4 days old
Ellie with her puppies at one week of age.
12 Days old
Eyes are Open! Two Weeks Old!
The Boys
Three Weeks Old
Four Weeks Old
Five Weeks Old - Pictures taken on May 6, 2018
Red Collar Female
Orange Collar Female
Pink Collar Female
Lime Collar Female
Aqua Collar Female
White Collar Female
Brown Collar Female
Purple Collar Female
Yellow Collar Female
Black Collar Male
Blue Collar Male
They love that cool grass on a hot, sunny day!
The Puppies have gone to their new Homes!
Black Collar, "Willie James of RW," went home with Ronnie and Georgia (Tangi) Catipon to Columbus, Ohio.
Blue Collar, "Bob," went home with Laura Rosene to meet Patrick and Eric in Upper Arlington, Ohio.
Brown Collar, "Mazie," went home with Tom Rosebrock to Hicksville, Ohio. Tom also owns Kaylee, a pup from our Cedar and Max.
Purple Collar, "Lucille," flew home with Deborah Garner and her son, Tom, to Gainsville, Georgia.
Lime Green Collar, "Sutton," went home with Derek and Olivia Loucks to Wakarusa, Indiana.
Yellow Collar, "Layla," went home with Mark and Beth Wing to Grove City, Ohio.
Pink Collar, "Rosie," went home with Steve and Cher Garret to Glen Ellyn, Illinois.
White Collar, "Ruby," went home with Anita Reusch to Harrison, Ohio.
Red Collar, "Duckie," went home with Linda and Karl Mattila to Medway, Ohio.
Orange Collar, "Ember," went home with Felicity King, along with her parents and little brother, to Denton, Texas.
Thanks to all of you for giving our puppies wonderful homes!
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Ellie Mae and Jesse's second litter has arrived! All of the puppies from this litter are sold. I will be posting pictures (on this page) of these puppies as they grow along with pictures of them with their new families when they go home at 8 weeks of age. Sophia will have her next litter in September of 2018. The waiting list for her litter is quite long, but we are taking names for 2019 during which we are planning another Ellie/Jesse litter, a Zala/Jesse litter and possibly one last litter from our Sophia. If you are interested in a future litter call or email to get on the waiting list: 419-968-2577 or email me at:

The pictures of our 2017 litters from Sophia and Gracie, both sired by Max, have been recently removed from this page and moved to the Puppies' Families page.

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Raspberry Woods Jazzy Sophia is the daughter of Jazz and Preston's winter of 2013 litter.
Meet the Parents
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Raspberry Woods Red Ellegance, "Ellie Mae" is the daughter of Cedar and Max from the fall 2013 litter..